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Société VITO S.A. TVA BE 0244.195.916 Personnes à contacter + fonction - Adresse Boeretang 200 B-2400 Mol Tél. +32 14 33 55 11 Fax (think green) - E-mail Site web Fondation 1991 Nombre d’ employés circa 780 Chiffre d’ affaires - Réseaux sociaux
VITO is a leading international research and service centre. It provides knowledge and technological innovations that facilitate the transition to a more sustainable society. We do this in the field of energy, chemistry, materials, health technology and land use. We unite different parties in a sustainable value chain. By cooperation, expansion and development of expertise we can make smarter use of existing sustainable solutions and develop new technologies. Technology should be feasible and cost-effective. This calls for partnerships between research centres, commercial parties and the authorities, who together create impact in the sustainability transition. VITO is the driving force by providing practical knowledge, innovative processes and business models. VITO makes this connection between research, government and market, between knowledge, policy and business in order to create impactful changes. VITO. Vision on Technology for a Better World. Sustainable. Entrepreneurial. Inspiring. Creative. SPÉCIALITÉS • Energie • Chimie • Matériaux • Santé E-NEWS lire plus sur les VITO-nouvelles